You’re the piece of gold the flushes all my soul

I’ve been finding myself wandering around Dallas a lot more than usual. Maybe I’m looking for something, maybe you’ll be there when I find it. All I know is that i seem to… Continue reading

Two thousand and the thirteen

Welcome to your earth year 2013. Things are going great. I decided to take the next big boy step and separated my gallery art from my 3D/graphic design work. is now a… Continue reading

The most beautiful walls in Dallas or “What the Hell is a Tigerbee Anyway?”

Here’s my final piece for the Art Conspiracy. It ended up being bought by my friend and AMAZING artist herself, Lisa Lindholm. Hers went for around $700 so wasn’t able to buy it…..BUT… Continue reading

The art the conspiracy or “I am the Patsy”

Rather than talk about my shirts (don’t worry, all next weeks posts will be about them….and you can still buy them at  ) I just wanted to mention that this Saturday, I’ll… Continue reading

“when halftones zig and zag, this bad screen printing gag, that’s a moire” or “See, what happened was….?

When I was 13 I found out about screen printing. It grew into such a passion that started a career in print shops and t-shirts so making wearable art was a natural phase… Continue reading

the bride of frankenstein or “Son of Frankenstein”

3 more days until Halloween. I have some tricks and treats to release but for now i’ll just have some monster fun. I know that Bride of Frankenstein is the best movie but… Continue reading

like spinning plates or “I Gots Plans”

keeping the water boiling or ” Chopping Down Mountains with the Edge of My Hand”

I was listening to a pod cast and happend to hear some great words of wisdom. In so many words, the line was that the real trick is not to get the water… Continue reading

so shul meaty uh or “Deciding on Which Child is My Favorite”

I’ve done a little more growing and a little more growing up…..poopy face.Ok not really but I have been making some decisions about my favored social media update sites. I recently acquired my… Continue reading

Experiments in unenjoyment or “Can’t Sleep, Clown Will Eat Me”

Last night the nightmares were in full force. First I had a dream that someone had broken into my house. It was a dream that I was dreaming in, so I was trying… Continue reading