To promote or not promote

Who do you trust?
I was reading 3×3’s blog the other day about a group of ad agencies starting an online alternative to mailer promos. Apparently they get so many they throw them away without even looking at them and are trying to make something more earth friendly and reduce paper waste. While I’m all for this, I’m also the worlds most paranoid man and want to contribute but wonder how safe it really is.
I need to get my skills publicly shown and want to contribute to make myself accessible but can’t anyone just steal the image and use it however they want? I would like to think that it wouldn’t happen but it has. There are websites dedicated specifically to that. But even when the thief is called out, the damage is done. You can stop them with a cease and desist letter but you still won’t get paid.
So I guess the question is rhetorical. I just need to bite the bullet and pray for the best. Any one agree with me to make me feel better?