What I did on my Fall vacation or “my Blogging Revenge!”

So I took a break from blogging to concentrate on other things.
That’s not entirely true.
Actully, I tired to consolidate all my blogs into one location for information. I tried tumblr but that didnt’ seem to work the way I was hoping, so I’m back to blogging and trying a better application to post to all my social networks at once. 

I’ll keep this brief but I DO want to mention that i’m trying to offer more affordable art to those people that can’t afford a $500 piece but still want some art.

For now it’s all on my etsy page but in the long run, i’m going to keep the smaller items on etsy and offer the larger paintings on “Big Cartel”.

I’ll end with saying I’m sorry I left you Bloggy. I’m a sorry for all the things I did that put our relationship in jeopardy but we WERE on a break so don’t hold a grudge.