To see the invisible man or “The more you ignore me, the Louder I Get”

I’ve discoverd that my biggest problem in my art career is that I’m not in front of the right eyes, or enough eyes. I stopped this blog because I didn’t think anyone was reading it and although that still may be true, it’s mostly due to the fact that …..well probably no one knows I do it.
A lot of us here in Dallas are frustrated that we’re not getting the attention we know we deserve with our talent and creativiity but again, I honestly think it’s because we’re just not being seen by everyone. We need to make a bigger noise and reach out past Texas to let the world know what we’re doing here.

I’m about to do some “viral marketing” of sorts and wish there was more of an audience to enjoy it. I”m going to be part of Atama’s “Show Me the Munny 2” custom vinyl toy show and i’ve made a free paper toy tie in. The plan is to leave the paper toys in various places around dallas with qr codes or URLs that take you to an advertisement and sneak peak at my Munny for the show. I MAY even stick around and film people finding them, just to see thier reactions. (ps if you’re on my mailing list, you’ll get an exclusive look at the munny as well so sign up NOW)

While this may be more of a secret surprise, I would actually like to announce that I’m doing it but will STILL only reach a small audience. I’m not complaining or bring a drama queen, crying for attention because daddy didn’t love me enough. I guess I’m just trying to figure out how to get more people to read my blog, my twitter, my tumblr, my facebook, my social media that I constantly keep up to date with information and get in front of more eyes to share everything I’m doing. Not because I’m bragging that everything I do is fantastic, but I do it because I want to share it with you.
I just want to cuddle šŸ˜‰