Kong Throws a Tantrum or “Sometimes All You Can Do is Laugh”

It’s been one of “those” weeks.
Like a lot of people, times are hard and again, like a lot of people i know, I could really use a smile from the universe righ about now. Don’t get me wrong, I am very appreciative of everything that is good in my life like my health, friends and family and no one is trying to kill me….I think.

But when the little thing keep piling up, that pile is very hard to ignore. Case in point: Sometimes things go wrong even when you are very careful. This time it was the sealer I used to put a shiny finish on the Munny I created for the Show Me the Munny show. (see? 1st world problems)
I was VERY careful about taking my time with this one and making sure there were NO mistakes but the spray finish I used reacted with certain parts and bled. I have no idea why. It’s extremely frustrating because it was the final component and that means there’s nothing i can do to go back and fix it.


So I’ve been angry and sulking all day but after a while you have to let it go. That’s the thing about most mistakes in life, you can either obsess over it and let it keep you stuck in life or you can accept that, what’s done is done and you can just take another step forward.

For the punch line of this story, I laughed at the studios lack of trying to tie King Kong into a holiday release. What a Christmas present.