Staying ahead of the game or “When I Save You from the C.H.U.D., You’ll Thank Me”

For some reason I’m constantly trying to keep myself availabe to you in every way possible. I’m constantly working my web presence to make sure everything is up to date and working properly. Some of you would think I would be out boozing it up on a Saturday night but when i realized some code problem that’s been vexing me for two years, I stayed in to work on building a mobile website for myself. I was up until four in the morning working out the kinks but still don’t have it licked. At four I had to make myself stop because I knew I was no closer to a solution and ended up dreaming about luchadore purple rain re-makes.

I built my own website, put together worpress AND blogger sites, i’m working on the mobile, i research google analytics and try to make sure I’m ready to go whenever you want to see what I’m up to.

And sometimes I wonder why the hell I work so hard to stay so ready when no one is noticing. I’m not angry or giving up but I sometimes wonder if it’s for love or money that I try to make sure I’m not being left behind by technology. I guess it’s just a personal sense of accomplishment and knowing that I’m succeeding because i’m not getting love OR money for working so hard at such long hours. Art is such a selfish act that i have to believe that somewhere out there, there are people who connect with the things that I’m doing, and will be just as moved as I am with the things I create to share with the world.

So I’ll work for a better tomorrow with you.