Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School or ” Why my arm hurts from patting my own back”

Something else i do that needs more attention is the Dallas chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art school. My good friend Lisa Lindholm brought it to Dallas from the original New York beginnings and I began helping her run it. After a while she ran out of time, so now I run it on my own, all for the love of art and with the music provided by another dear friend and artist DJ TIGERBEE. We charge for admission to draw but all the money goes back to paying the model for posing and prizes for the artists. I dont make any money for running it or creating all the art work or promotion. OH and i put together our website too. Yes it’s a wordpress template but come on, I’m doing this all by myself so I’m going to pat my own back if no else will. You should come see it some time.