Happy New Year or “Be Thankful for what you have and don’t have”

I’m getting this out of the way now because next week it’s all about promoting the custom vinyl toy show i’m in. With xmas coming up, I just wanted to say that I’m thankful for everything that is wonderful in my life right now and share a little holiday spirit with anyone who takes the time to read this. (thank you btw)
We are all going through tough times in some way or another and sometimes we forget how good we actually have it. I’m currently jobless and struggling to keep my head above water with freelance jobs and selling my artwork but I do remember that everybody struggles and everybody still has it pretty good. Sometimes we think “why me?” and hold your head in your hands from frustration but we have to remember that it could be A LOT worse. This year a relative passed away which reminded me about the precious time I share with my friends and even worse we watched an entire nation helplessly succum to a tsunami that left so much damage and panic for a lot of unfortunate people. We all have it bad but some times it could be worse.

So take some time to tell someone you love them. Take some time to enjoy and Icee or whatever silly thing that makes you so happy you dance a little jig when you get to have some fun.

May your next year be filled with rainbows and glitter and cupcakes and magic.