Show me the Munny 2 or “The Downward Viral”

This Friday is Atama‘s “Show Me the Munny 2” custom vinyl toy show at Strangeways and this is part of what I created for it. My idea was to sketch out an idea in photoshop and finish it up in Illustrator on a paper toy template to tie into the final painted piece. It came out WAY better than I expected and had bigger plans to try some fun viral marketing. I was going to place fully assembled toys in various places around Dallas and try to secretly film people taking them, to see their reactions or willingness to take it. Of course this happened to occur during the shopping season so with the holiday shoppers taking over most of my public locations, it didn’t go over as well as I planned. I was still going to put the video together since i shot a lot of footage so when I reveal the Munny on Wedsnesday, maybe I’ll post it here too. For now, here’s the FREE PAPER TOY that you can download and make yourself. I recommend printing on a thicker card stock for best results.