Learning to let go or ” Realizing you never had it in the first place”

I lost the day. I spent the entire day rendering and reloading  a video up to youtube to promote the Show me the Munny 2 vinyl show tonight. Because of this i didn’t promote, email, talk to anyone or do anything i wanted to, to help promote the show for tonight. I don’t know why this bothers me but i’m extremely pissed because i feel I lost the day. Honestly, no one is going to notice. This was not something I was asked to do or NEEDED to get done but because it’s one of those little things that falls onto a big pile of little things, I’m incredibly frustrated. It kept me from posting this blog until now and THAT is another little thing. It didn’t go the way i planned (the cleaning staff at the mall picked up the free paper toys i left out for people to find) so THAT’s another little thing.
Stay positive and good things happen to you right?……….right?