Let’s see how long you last or “ummm….it happens to lots of guys”

I have a friend of mine who is doing a great thing and inspired me to try something new. Her name is Patricia Rodriguez and you can see her wonderful work ON HER WEBSITE. Check out her vinyl record art as well as her gallery peices to be impressed.
She has been supporting herself successfully with freelance work and something she does that gives people the opportunity to obtain some affordable art. This is something I’ve been trying to do but like I mentioned in other posts, I don’t think I’m in front of enough eyes because even my cheap pieces are not selling. She works on something for an hour and let’s people pay for that piece …..buy the hour basically so you get a quick piece for a good price.

The following  is the train wreck of a ride I attempted with just ONE hour to work.

The first one is just with prisma color markings to lay down some base colors and a little black line for definition. I had planned on coming back to add more shadows and highlights but time is fast and was over before I wanted to be finished.
It’s very embarrassing to post this as an example of my talents but I’m just being honest with my posts and showing you the full experiment.


Next is just a straight pencils sketch just to see how far I can actually get in a hour because of the shock of first round. Again, this hour went by fast and I was only able to get so far with it. I’m happier  with this one than the first despite of my crappy scanner  but the whole idea was to make art that someone would want to hang and I’m not a big fan of just selling a sketch. Nothing against it, but I feel it’s called a sketch for a reason.
The odd thing is I run the Dallas chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s anti-art school  and the most amount of time you get there is 20 minutes. Running it means I don’t get to play but obviously I need to get back into speed shape.


So I think that may be it for my hour long art piece attempts. I salute Patricia for being able to create and be successful with her experiments in unemployment but I need a little more time to romance my art before I’m happy with it. I have too many insecurities to be a  two pump chump.