Interweb acrobatics or “Renewing my vows to my stepford wives”

As i was fumbling, a crumbling mumbler, I stumbled upon a humbling tumblr.

I finally found a designer that offered a good tumblr code that I was happy with. I learned html to design my own website but I only know the basics so while I can work out most of my problems I don’t know enough to solve all of them.
I want all my social media sites to have the same overall look to them and while most of them are pretty basic and helpful, those little things i want to do sometimes elude me and i honestly would rather be creating art than trying to make myself look better.
Luckily I found a designer that made something close to what i wanted for my tumblr and was extremely user friendly enough customize it to look like my other sites and website. I’m actually incredibly impressed that it even puts my icon by my web address. that’s something that I still haven’t figured out how to do and even though it’s something you probably don’t notice, I DO and am very proud of.

Next up is to make some twitter changes………….and think of a witty rhyme for that