Design on a dime or “How to look good with only ten pennies”

The LAST problem I’ve had with my creating a cohesive social media appearance is a mobile version of my website. As I’ve mentioned before I created all my interweb presence myself but with limited knowledge so I can only create so far. The easiest solution is to just use the free templates available to me: work smarter not harder.
I’ve decided to use a tumblr site for my mobile version because most designer have taken the hardest part(detecting and directing mobile browsers to a uniquely designed version) and have already added this feature to most templates.
It doesn’t have the functionality of a website but considering I don’t expect someone on a mobile phone  to want to look at everything I do, I’m only using it to host a few images to give you an idea of what I can do.
So when a mobile browser is detected at my site, it reroutes to this simple tumblr


….which shows it as a professional looking mobile version you can scroll through, like this:


So to anyone who wants to keep up with social media and live on a budget like most of us starving artists, my advice is to use the tools that are available to you. They’re the most valuable weapons you’re going to get for free.