Designing on more dimes or ” I have twenty cents “

I reached another milestone/goal for myself. I manage the Dallas branch of Dr. Sketchy’s and wanted to make a better website for us. I bought the website a while back and was hosting it on my website but with the advantages that are offered to us by blogging and tumblr sites, I knew i could use a simple template to create what i wanted.

Sunday i finally found a good tumblr site and linked it to our official website so we now look fancy and professional with our own web domain:

Like i mentioned it’s Tumblr based so you can follow us with your tumblr or rss. The great thing about all of this is that anyone can do it. I have no web design education. I go to the school of “google it yourself bitch” so it feels pretty good when I get something right. I can cross it off of my list of too many things i’m trying to get done by myself.