Experiments in unenjoyment or “Can’t Sleep, Clown Will Eat Me”

Last night the nightmares were in full force. First I had a dream that someone had broken into my house. It was a dream that I was dreaming in, so I was trying to desperately to open my eyes (in the dream) because I could hear someone in my house. I knew I was trying to wake up from a dream but could NOT get my eyes to open. Suddenly I realized that someone was on me, on my bed, with one arm over me and the other holding my arm that was under my head, sticking out my pillow: prepared for me to struggle and holding me strategically for when I wake up. They were whispering  “you should have run…..you should have run” and for the life of me I COULD NOT GET MY EYES open. I knew I couldn’t get to the knives but could “surprise squirm” fast enough to get the gun, but again I COULD NOT GET MY EYES TO OPEN.
Suddenly, I woke up. In real life. I finally opened my eyes and it was me opening them for real. No one was there. No one was holding me down. I was just dead tired and wanted to fall back asleep. But I couldn’t. Fear of what would happen if I DID fall back asleep made me turn on the tv and surf the interwebs to keep from sleeping. After an episode of South park to make me laugh I decided I was calmed and tired enough to go back to sleep. ….Then I dreamed about zombies. Sometimes I envy those of you that never dream.
I’ve been super busy with things I’ll tell you about soon but for now here’s a picture of  a brush pen sketch I did at the Genographic Sketch session with Hatziel, Ray and Jeru.
Photo by Unkommon Kolor