so shul meaty uh or “Deciding on Which Child is My Favorite”

I’ve done a little more growing and a little more growing up…..poopy face.
Ok not really but I have been making some decisions about my favored social media update sites. I recently acquired my Pinterest and Instagram pages. I’m not exactly the targeted demographic to be using those sights but one of my constant rules is Acquire all internet real-estate as soon as possible. You don’t want to have to be “”. Very embarrassing.
So I’ve been using a bit of both and I’ve come to love the “create my image” sites over the “hey look at what someone else did and I’ll post it to show my individuality”, sites. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that people are creating and expressing so freely and wanting to share what they find interesting and creative but I’m loving the creative spirits a little bit more. I think it’s just that looking over the Tumblr or Pinterest feeds and seeing the same things reposted get’s a little old after a while. But to be fare I think I’m still not really using or trying with Pinterest, correctly.
And with that, it means it’s time to update the website. I added the new social media icons and with a little Le Goo-gle’ help, I added some awesome widgets. It’s amazing how much you can do when you just do simple searches. Originally I wanted to have my tumblr feed on the first page to keep it constantly changing but now that I’ve come to welcome Instagram over it, I’ve given up on that dream and left it the way it is. Also, you can now get a blog feed on the same page rather than being taken to my blogger page (I went widget crazy apparently).
OH and btw, most of these social media sites are the same thing recopied so you don’t have to follow each one but you DO have the option of following me with your media of choice.

Just don’t follow me into the bathroom. Creeper.