keeping the water boiling or ” Chopping Down Mountains with the Edge of My Hand”


I was listening to a pod cast and happend to hear some great words of wisdom. In so many words, the line was that the real trick is not to get the water boiling but to keep the water hot.
If i don't keep my  social media water hot, doing some of the big things i'm about to do, won't get any attention. You won't notice my boiling water.
So it since I can't show a lot of what i am working on, i'm just going to try to get back to posting more and show just the sillly things that i doodle with dongles. But don't worry, i'll be posting some big things really soon. i promise.

tonight I was watching Hunger Games and liked the cop outfits and the bat dogs. I always wanted to be a concept artist so sometimes those things stand out to me.