“when halftones zig and zag, this bad screen printing gag, that’s a moire” or “See, what happened was….?

When I was 13 I found out about screen printing. It grew into such a passion that started a career in print shops and t-shirts so making wearable art was a natural phase in my art path. Naturally my closest friends and band mates did this as well and when it came time to make our flyers, posters and t-shirts, we all pitched in and created as well as printed together. I had this idea of coming up with one name for everything, one place where all the art comes from and everyone shares in the glory and splendor of artistic victory. The name I came up with was DiabloTexas. I made a little logo and it’s never changed since. The only thing that did change was that I took over the art duties and eventually we all went our separate ways. We all still individually print on the side and I actually got together with them recently to talk shop and compare notes again since I’ve started back up.

Now after 20 years, I kicked off the dust to my screen coater and am back to selling shirts again. It was a bit funny to watch me try to ride this bike after so many years but after a few tantrums and guesses, I got it all back and found my passion for printing again. Right now I’m only offering single print shirts for $15 plus $5 shipping and they are air dry inks but who knows where this will go, so get them while they’re affordable. I have some big plans to get ready for but for now you can check out my D.I.Y adventure on my electronic interweb store:


For the next few posts I’ll be talking more in detail about everything I’ve kept quiet about.