What i’ve been up to or “what HAVEN’T i been up to”

There’s a lot I’ve been planning and a lot I wish I could tell you but because these things are so many, I can’t reveal anything with revealing it all. I know that… Continue reading

three way tie or “Cage match!”

Designing on more dimes or ” I have twenty cents “

I reached another milestone/goal for myself. I manage the Dallas branch of Dr. Sketchy’s and wanted to make a better website for us. I bought the website a while back and was hosting… Continue reading

Do what everybody else is doing or “Being finished before everyone catches up”

Building a Cyclotrode or “a Legacy of Brutality”

Until i find this on DVD, i can’t get rid of my vcr

Updates and Sketchy’s

Dr. Sketchy’s was this weekend. It’s always so much fun. I feel I need to put more into it but it’s tuff running it by myself and purely for the love of it.… Continue reading

Wood you? or “the Challenge is Worth It”

Sometimes working with wood has it’s disadvantages. I’m on hold until the stores get a new delivery.

Heavy Music or “Dirty and Amplified Booty Shakers”

This Saturday, some of my good friends and DJ’s, the Lollipop Shoppe are celebrating their 8 year anniversary with an awesome party. It will be at the Queen city tattoo shop and I’ll… Continue reading

The Little Gallery that Could or “For Love of Kettle”

This Saturday is the Kettle gallery’s For Love of Kettle art show. Everyone who has helped the kettle or has had some interweaving with Frank and the Kettle gallery, has donated pieces for… Continue reading

This year buy your love some art or “go to hell”

Whoopdy Doo employees! Everyone who has found true love may receive 20% off at my etsy store for the month of February using coupon code: TRUELOVE http://www.etsy.com/shop/DiabloTexas