Happy New Year or “Be Thankful for what you have and don’t have”

I’m getting this out of the way now because next week it’s all about promoting the custom vinyl toy show i’m in. With xmas coming up, I just wanted to say that I’m… Continue reading

Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art School or ” Why my arm hurts from patting my own back”

Something else i do that needs more attention is the Dallas chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art school. My good friend Lisa Lindholm brought it to Dallas from the original New York beginnings and… Continue reading

Staying ahead of the game or “When I Save You from the C.H.U.D., You’ll Thank Me”

For some reason I’m constantly trying to keep myself availabe to you in every way possible. I’m constantly working my web presence to make sure everything is up to date and working properly.… Continue reading

Kong Throws a Tantrum or “Sometimes All You Can Do is Laugh”

It’s been one of “those” weeks.Like a lot of people, times are hard and again, like a lot of people i know, I could really use a smile from the universe righ about… Continue reading

To see the invisible man or “The more you ignore me, the Louder I Get”

I’ve discoverd that my biggest problem in my art career is that I’m not in front of the right eyes, or enough eyes. I stopped this blog because I didn’t think anyone was… Continue reading

What I did on my Fall vacation or “my Blogging Revenge!”

So I took a break from blogging to concentrate on other things.That’s not entirely true.Actully, I tired to consolidate all my blogs into one location for information. I tried tumblr but that didnt’… Continue reading

are you there fans?…. it’s me margaret….

So….does anybody read this, still? The times are changing and I don’t think anyone really reads my blogs or wordpress anymore, so this is going to be my official move over to Tumblr.… Continue reading

6 arms to hold you interview in Arts & Culture DFW

Our show, 6 arms to hold you is featured on the cover of Arts and Culture DFW magazine for June. Thanks to local writer, Stealing Kitty, she interviewed us about our thoughts on… Continue reading

6 arms to hold you

Here is the big show. Everything we’ve been working for, for the last few months. This is the reason I haven’t been posting much or talking about a lot. This has occupied my… Continue reading

figure drawing

I attended a figure drawing on tuesday. You would guess that running a sketch group would afford me the opportunity to actually draw all the time but because i’m running it and timing… Continue reading