painting #2 you can see this Saturday

AND… is the next painting that will be at the Magnolia Retrospective this Saturday. Unfortunately it’s already been sold but you can still see it while the gallery runs through May. Ps. this… Continue reading

Say something, so i know…that you…are real….

Here’s one of the paintings you can buy at the Magnolia Retrospective show this Saturday. Even if you don’t buy it, go see it in person. It holds all the secrets to what… Continue reading


I’ve been super busy and here’s one of the reasons why: This Saturday I’ll be taking part in a retrospective of the Magnolia Gallery. Those of us that had solo shows there are… Continue reading

New painting

Fighting to meet deadlines and straining to catch your kisses. I thought I should show you what you’re in for…

Sketch sketch sketch.

Busy working away on secret projects still but I can share this one with you. It’s going to go with a second piece for a gallery perspective and it’s not a secret. I’ll… Continue reading


This is a quick sketch to kill some time. Every now and then I like sketching in these tiny japanese pens that are like a nicer ball point pen. This is a small… Continue reading

To promote or not promote

Who do you trust? I was reading 3×3’s blog the other day about a group of ad agencies starting an online alternative to mailer promos. Apparently they get so many they throw them… Continue reading

Phone test

This is a tease of a collaborative piece I’m working on to promote the show I’m doing with two other artists. I’m keeping this short because I’m testing out wordpress for android and… Continue reading


This is going to be the origin of my posts. The goal is to add a blog feed to my website and this is where it will be originating from.